Investment and Portfolio Management


J Cooper Financial uses a plan based approach, which begins with a thorough conversation at an initial meeting. A strong financial planning process is essential to growing and protecting your wealth. Your unique plan must address your needs now but also keep a focus on the future and the multiple goals that will happen over the years ahead. Financial plans can be created that are simple or very complex -- we will work together to determine the right strategy and approach for you.



The initial meeting will identify short and long term goals, needs, priorities, and concerns. We will discuss your unique situation, what’s important to you and the fears that you may have. Our meeting will cover many topics and examine your “financial big picture” -- brokerage accounts, retirement accounts, mortgage, life insurance, emergency funds, college planning, gifting, etc. Your portfolio can be designed using simple strategies or complex if you wish to trade or invest in a more sophisticated manner. We will discuss fees and the importance of transparency. Our conversation will cover the past, present and future and how working together with a plan can help you accomplish your goals, create confidence and give you a peace of mind.



Your portfolio proposal and plan will be presented to you. Based on the initial discussion this custom portfolio and plan will be unique to your situation. The presentation will include topics such as asset allocation, risk management, explanation of investments, strategies and fees. The presentation will use language and education that will allow you to understand the proposal and feel comfortable. Janis encourages an interactive meeting environment and welcome lots of questions and your input.

Upon your agreement and authorization, your accounts will be opened and your financial plan implemented.



Your investments and portfolio will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and adjustments made when appropriate after consulting with you. Reviews can be arranged as one-on-one meetings or conference calls - whatever is most convenient. Constant monitoring and frequent reviews will keep your plan on track. Sometimes life changes can be unpredictable and the ability to update your financial plan quickly and receive the support to get back on track is important. I am always available to talk when advice is needed or unexpected challenges take place.