One-on-one financial guidance before, during or after your divorce -- help during all phases of divorce. Hourly fee based advice.

BEFORE - Thinking about divorce?

  • Learn about the different ways to get divorced
  • What financial information do you need to collect?
  • Review your household accounts and statements
  • Discuss your house and mortgage

DURING - Are you in the middle of a divorce that is stuck or not going well?

  • Discuss your situation
  • Strategize to prepare for you next divorce meeting or mediation
  • Define your needs and how to negotiate for them in a confident manner
  • What are your financial priorities?

AFTER - The divorce is over, now what?

  • Confirm that all accounts, investments and cash has been transferred to you
  • Confirm all issues in your settlement agreement have been completed
  • Budgeting for a single parent household
  • How to share co parenting costs and use apps that can help
  • Financial Planning for your new situation